Paul Richard is principal of, a firm that assembles creative teams of noted professionals from across the museum field. Paul organizes and administrates teams that build and design:

  • Stronger governance
  • Stronger administrative teams
  • Actionable performance measurement systems
  • Visionary strategic plans
  • Comprehensive master plans
  • Talked-about exhibits and programs
  • Sustainable business and operational plans
  • Memorable special and traveling exhibits
  • Focused collecting plans and collections policies
  • Paul has nearly 30 years of experience in museum and nonprofit planning and administration. He was a founding member and president of the Youth Museum Exhibit Collaborative, which developed nearly 30 traveling exhibitions for leading children's museums. He was vice president for exhibitions and programs and executive vice president of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the leader in its field, where among other executive and administrative leadership responsibilities he led the operations, exhibitions, and programs teams that produced scores of exhibition experiences regarded as some of the finest and most innovative in the field.

    Paul also served as curator of collections at the Indiana State Museum and as chief curator of The Children’s Museum Indianapolis. Paul and his teams make museums come alive.

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    Paul Richard
    2001 East 80th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46240
    317 255-6229 phone
    317 257-3926 fax
    317 513-6229 mobile

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